ONESTA Professional Haircare

ABBEY ROAD STUDIO HAIR SALON is committed to safe, organic products!  I HAVE A NEW ONE FOR YOU!! …  I am please to say that I now offer ONESTA Hair Care Products to my salon.  ONESTA is also committed to the environment!  From using wind power to using recycled plastic in their bottles, ONESTA adheres to environmentally responsible practices in order to preserve what our planet needs to support future generations!  ~ Innovation in natural sciences and empowered decision making are changing the way we look at our hair and beauty products.  ONESTA is free of harmful chemicals, PETA approved, and a cruelty-free company.  I LOVE IT!! ~ Pure, natural hair care products, rich in antioxidants and Certified Organic botanical extracts that revitalize, nurture and protect your hair…

WOW!!!  WOW!!! WOW!!!   Natural ingredients, responsible packaging, animal friendly, renewable energy by the use of 100% wind power, and GIVING BACK!!! ONESTA knows that is isn’t enough to be an environmentally-conscious company.  They share social responsibility and awareness by donating 10% of their net profits to finding a CURE!!